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A Custom Jewelry, Beads, Gemstones, Findings and Gallery for the creations of local artisans for over a decade! 

Display of brass, copper and turquoise.

A peek inside.............

Gorgeous Himalayan salt lamps in all shapes and sizes available year round at Gems and Whims Bead and Jewelry.

Besides our beads and jewelry, come check out our beautiful

crystals, geodes  and mineral specimens.

We have new merchandise arriving weekly.

Work by Local Artisans

 Collection of shells and mineral specimens       Raw genuine amber with soothing properties for your baby's painful teething now available at Gems and Whims Beads and Jewelry. We have several from which to choose or we can custom-create any style you prefer. This necklace is 12 in length and represents a full array of the colors in which amber can be found.Carved sculptures of various stone, mostly jades

Polymer Clay mushrooms of all sizes both for display and for beading!

Brown and turquoise bangles, 3 separate ones are gorgeous together! . Beautiful!

Wonderful beads in terrific colors for your Valentine! Get ready! It will be here before you know it!

Beads, Beads, Beads!

Gold lined jasper    Gorgeous Bangles Galore!

Strands of gorgeous gemstones.

Beautiful bangles done in pinks and gold wire in front of thousands of pearls of all shapes and sizes.

Brilliant faceted stones for bangles and much more jewelry making ideas.

We have custom, hand-knitted items and hand-crocheted items as well as

polymer clay, hand-blown glass, paintings and much more

from many talented local artisans!


We can also create any custom teething necklace you'd prefer!

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